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Football is not Just A game, It’s ourPassion

SMS is committed to bring out an absolutely new dimension to the way the game is perceived in India and believes that by the shear dint of hard work and passion they can augur in a new morning for the game and make the rich and dignified history of Mohun Bagan an enthralling experience. We have different projects in hand; all brand new concepts, which we think, will bring about a change in the outlook of the football fans in India. The organization is well planned …


It works mainly in the corporate format. It has an able core committee, which mainly takes all the decisions along with the inputs of different members. SMS is gaining in strength thick and fast.

This is arguably the first fans organization in India which is all set to dream and dream really hard … we not only dream but know how to pragmatism our dreams to reality

Our Activities in a nutshell:

  • Renovation of Marble plaques associated with rich history of Mohun Bagan.
  • Renovation and restoration of the historic bench of “Immortal XI”.
  • Setting up of the “Immortal XI” glow sign inside club premises.
  • Presenting club a wooden plaque carrying the total lists of all the presidents and secretaries of the club since 1889 to till now.
  • Launching of Mohun Bagan Calendar (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012).
  • Launching of a collection of poems: “Sabuj Maroon Uchchhas”.
  • Launching of a research magazine named “Amar Egaro” on centenary year of the historic victory of 1911.
  • Launching of Barreto’s tee and Oliver Kahn’s tee.
  • Launching of greetings card and cap on celebration of historic 5-3 victory over arch rival.
  • Puja gifts to the Grounds men of Mohun Bagan since 2007.
  • Felicitation and financial assistance to late Mr. Kesto Paul and to the family members of late Mr. Shibdas Bhadhuri.
  • Nurtured the nursery team of Mohun Bagan in 2008 and 2009; provided boots, medicines, football gears to them; associated the team in tournaments and pre-season conditioning camps.
  • Birthday celebration of players as well as celebration on their special achievements.

Along with these all through the year we perform several of activities delegated by the club. Recently club devoted us with some duties during the organization of I-League matches; we believe us to be lucky enough to get the opportunity to be involved with the club.


barMemorable Players of Mohunbagan


player3 playel1
Roger M’cey
David Brown
Mid Fielder
player2 playel4
Oliver Kaa’n
Tom Hanks
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