1932 – Members of Mohun Bagan enjoying a match.
The members of this great institution always earned respect and honour from the Indian and International Society.
Procuring a membership into Mohun Bagan – the national club of India – places you in a much higher position in Society. An honour it is, to become a member of this 117- year old organization; a living history, a trueface of freedom – can be yours. Upon the death or non-renewal of membership for two years vacates a place for a new member.
Please see the membership and contact details of the club. There are two kinds of membership currently being offered :

  1. Ordinary / Tennis membership
  2. Life Membership
Members need to renew the card each year for this kind of subscription. They shall be informed by the club, asking them to submit the annual fee around May or June every year.
To gain further details related to club membership, you could contact the General Secretary Mohun Bagan, Gostha Paul Sarani,Kolkata – 700001.
Members must produce valid photo ID card, issued by the club authority, while entering the club premises.